House hunter

When my husband and I were looking at houses we knew it would very quickly become an unmanageable pile of data if we didn’t organize it properly.

Enter WordPress, container of data! In the beginning we just used the WordPress app to upload photos of each house to a post with some data from the listing. Later we added the photos our realtor sent with various listings and went to houses with data already accumulated.

In the end we needed only a small set of the information we gathered and found ourselves recalling why we excluded a certain house when we saw a price drop months later. We made choosing a house easier and less stressful because we had our information in order.

This theme is most useful to users with some WordPress experience, but has been designed with ease of use in mind. You can use the WordPress app to add images while at a showing, or later on from any camera.

It would be improved by a direct connection to a realtor’s information feed, but what house hunt wouldn’t?
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