WooCommerce Tax Rates: Import TaxRates.com Rate Tables


WooCommerce tax rates don't need to be a nightmare! Import the rates tables from TaxRates.com and make maintaining your United States local taxes a breeze!

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Import the tax rates tables from TaxRates.com into your WooCommerce store and make maintaining your United States local taxes a breeze!

Setting up taxes and tax rates can be a real challenge when you are setting up an online store, especially when you consider that some states can have hundreds of local sales tax districts and zip code tax tables can have thousands of entries.

Now you can take the excellent free TaxRates.com 5-digit zip code tax tables and easily import these rate tables right into your WooCommerce store.

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How does this work?
WooCommerce already has great support for tax rates by localities, but it can be a real chore to manually update all those separate rates if you have to collect for multiple US states. TaxRates.com provides an excellent free service to download frequently-updated tax tables by zip code, but before now there wasn't an easy way to import these rate tables into your WooCommerce store. This plugin brings these two features together by providing an upload mechanism to "translate" the files to the right format and get those tax rates where you need them. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either of these great companies, and sadly cannot fix bugs that occur in them. Best efforts are made to keep the plugin working with new versions of WooCommerce as soon as they are released, but I strongly recommend testing upgrades before upgrading your live website. This plugin is in compliance with the terms of use for TaxRates.com and WooCommerce at the time of its release.
How is this plugin different from the built-in WooCommerce 2.0+ CSV file importer?
Besides importing TaxRates.com files without having to modify them, there are several handy features included.
  • Override the tax display on the cart and checkout pages for all the rates with one simple field.
  • Delete imported taxes in batches rather than one by one
  • Get notifications in your admin panel when your tax rates are 30 days or older
Where can I download recent tax tables?
Download the Five Digit ZIP Code Rate Tables from TaxRates.com for import. The TaxRates.com tables are free with registration.
What tax rates do I need to import?
In nearly all cases, you will only need to import states in which you have a physical location. A large majority of users of this plugin will qualify for the Small Seller Exception. To qualify, a retailer must have less than $500,000 of total remote sales (in the United States) within the preceding calendar year. See marketplacefairness.org for more information.
I only need to charge taxes for one state. Can I use specific states?
Yes, TaxRates.com provides individual state tax tables. Only import the states you will need.
How accurate are tax rates by zip code?
The accuracy of tax rate by zip code can vary significantly between zip codes. As of September 2016, TaxRates.com provides a "Tax Risk" assessment on each zip code in their files to help you decide how accurate individual zip codes are. A risk value of 1 means the entire ZIP code is associated with a single city and county, and is likely to be a very accurate tax rate. ZIP codes with higher numbers are associated with multiple counties or cities, and the higher number indicate more boundary lines and more potential tax inaccuracies. You should download the rate tables and review the Tax Risk for your state and determine for yourself if the values are accurate enough for your business or your sales regions. If you are selling high-priced items where a fraction of a percent can make a big different, or have a significant amount of sales online that require you to charge sales tax in regions with a high inaccuracy you may be better served with a more robust tax solution that downloads data for each transaction's address during checkout. Such services often have a monthly fee associated with them, so if you find the tax risk is acceptable to you the one time fee of this plugin can be a big savings for a small business.
I definitely need to charge tax in all states. Can I use all the states?
We don't recommend this plugin for users who want to import all 50 states. But if you really want to use it, here are a few disclaimers:
  • The tax query in WooCommerce itself becomes very inefficient as there are approximately 40k rows when all states are imported. A custom paginated tax rates page is available in the admin to compensate for this, but the checkout can be very very slow!
  • Don't try this on shared or low-cost hosting. You won't have enough processing power to do large queries.
  • The import itself will take you a long time as it does one file at a time, and if you plan on updating the files monthly it'll be a big headache!
Does this plugin support countries outside the United States?
No, this plugin has only been developed for United States tax rate tables from TaxRates.com.
Will the import preserve my existing data?
Existing local tax rates will not be overwritten unless the Label and State match the imported data. If the Label and State do match an existing data field then only the shipping, compound, and class fields are preserved from the existing data. We recommend deleting all existing tax rates before importing with this tool to prevent duplicate entries for the same region
Can I change the settings on an individual tax rate?
Use the WooCommerce Tax Options Settings to update individual settings after import.
How many sites may I use the plugin on?
You may use the plugin on as many of your own sites as you like! However, if you use it on a site you develop for someone else I ask that you buy a separate copy for each client instead of sharing one copy.
What versions of WooCommerce are supported?
Version 0.8 and higher support WooCommerce 2.0+, and all versions of the plugin support back to WooCommerce 1.6.4. This plugin was initially developed on WooCommerce version 1.6.4 and has been tested and updated for each of the versions since that release. If you are using an older version and would like to determine compatibility before you make a purchase, please Contact Us and we will determine if it is possible to support your version. However, we strongly recommend you keep your WooCommerce install up-to-date!
Can I modify the code?
You may modify the code however you like, but please do not redistribute that modified code.
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  1. hope says:

    2016 review- thank you much. best $10 i spent all year.

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    Very awesome! Purchased, downloaded, installed, imported tax rates perfectly with no issues. Thank you.

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    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G – Thank you!
    I tried a free tax-rate import plugin and, well… you get what you pay for. The free plugin was SO slow it hung up my tax page and cart making it totally useless. Yours does not hang up my tax page, site, cart, or anything and works beautifully. A serious solution to what could have been a nightmare.

  4. Steven says:

    This is perfect & took about 1 minute to set up. Thank You so very much, looking forward to a Tax Cloud update sometime soon!

  5. kevin says:

    Omg. this stuff has been such a nightmare. thank you for taking the time to create this plugin. Other ways to import it wasn’t breaking it down enough, and it would just freeze up our Tax page. This plugin broke down the CSV file from Tax rates and now all CA is added, and I can actually view it on the WooCommerce tax page with it crashing.

  6. Sarah says:

    Took me less than ten minutes to install and test….. crossing my fingers this is as great as I think it is…THANK YOU! 🙂

  7. ichibangarbage@gmail.com says:

    I had tried to get the Woocommerce taxing system to work manually for the last few days for almost 800 tax codes, and it was just failing at every turn. So I got your plugin and uploaded the rate page in. I was up and running in like what 2 minutes?! Works perfectly… I don’t usually comment on plugins, but you are a GENIUS and lifesaver. Thank you so very much Katherine, five stars!

  8. graphicdesign@cox.net says:

    After hours and hours of trying to figure out how to only charge one state – you saved me – thank you for your work on this plugin!

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    This plugin is great! It’s incredibly intuitive and made short work on loading taxes into the database. It would have been a terrible task if not for this plugin!

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    I just have to say, this is one of the Best plugin I’ve ever come to use! Best time saver, Best work saver and with a Best and prompt support! Thank you very much for a GREAT PRODUCT! Anyone needs tax rates MUST HAVE this! Thanks again.

  11. Jeff says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Just saved me TONS of work! Only feature I can suggest is to allow the plugin to auto-update the installed tax tables from tax rates.com. But even without that, this plugin was worth 5x what I paid for it.

  12. thenyt@gmail.com says:

    You just saved me 5 weeks of my life. This plugin is awesome!

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    This is amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for offering this at such a low price. It was incredibly helpful!

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    This fabulous plugin works like a charm! It solves the biggest headache in ecommerce! Elegant, simple, a life-saver! And insanely low-priced! Thank you so much!

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    Best plugin for taxes! :] works like a charm!

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