Import plugin now updated for WooCommerce 2.0+!

Our popular and affordable WooCommerce Import Rate Tables is now ready for WooCommerce 2.0!

Not ready to update your WooCommerce installations? We still support back to version 1.6.4, and can help customers get the plugin working on older versions.

Version 0.8 and higher support Woocommerce 2.0+.

If you have already purchased the plugin this is a free update. If you are unable to log into your account or find your original download link please send us a support request to obtain the update.

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WooCommerce Add-On: Import Rate Tables

WooCommerce tax rates don’t need to be a nightmare! Import the rates tables from and make maintaining your United States local taxes a breeze!

WooCommerce already has great support for tax rates by localities, but it can be a real chore to manually update all those separate rates if you have to collect for multiple US states. provides an excellent free service to download frequently-updated tax tables by zip code, but before now there wasn’t an easy way to import these rate tables into your WooCommerce store.

Network Plugin Auditor

As my wordpress network grew I found it challenging to track which plugins were used on which sites as the only way to check was to visit each dashboard one at a time. What a hassle!

This plugin adds a column to your network admin to show which sites have each plugin active (on the plugin page), and which plugins are active on each site (on the sites page). Now you can easily determine which plugins are used on your network sites and which can be safely removed.

Multisite only.


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